The brewery

Of course you can also visit the brewery in Kopparberg. This is where our cider is made. The brewery still stands on its original site where it was built over 130 years ago. We promise that it will remain here. Many of our colleagues both live and work in Kopparberg and since we depend on them as well as the soft water in Kopparberg to produce the world’s best-selling pear cider, we don’t see any reason to move.

Swedish flag

The town

Kopparberg road sign

In Kopparberg you can go on a beaver safari, visit the local supermarket or have a pizza at one of the lovely pizza places. Every year they have a market called Kôppebärsmarken. Kopparberg actually, believe it or not, turns into an amusement park during this event.

If you decide to visit Kopparberg any other day than during Kôppebärsmarken you can have a look at Stora huset.  For you it will be better known as the Big house. We have heard rumers about two ghosts living there. In the main house lives a kind ghost and in the left wing you will meet the evil one. Go there at your own risk.